I Will be coming back... july 2nd 2017

2017-04-05 21:05:58 by 111robloxdude

18% of my songs will be taken down these incloud:


Artic Fox

Fill The Bass 1&2

Flakes 1&2

Peppy 1&2

Rise To The Top 1&2&3


Social Interactions

These Song Will Not Be Coming Back

They Were Made In MMJ

I Will Keep My Other Songs Made In:

Garage Band,Launchpad For IOS,Musicshake,Finale


The Most Often I Will Use Is Finale


If You Would Like To Listen To The Song Listed Here (-Social Interactions) Come To My Website-Misaki XD

Anyways Just Yep





Im Sorry Newgrounds but EDM364 i still dont like you


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2017-04-05 23:03:59

I bet you hate @EDM364 because he was doing something responsible for this website


2017-04-06 16:09:02

Yo, idgaf if you don't like me. Just doing my job, keeping NG a little further on the side of not getting sued because it's a community that gives me life.

I'll be keeping an eye on you. Make sure your submissions are not all just loops or we'll be running into the same problem. If you didn't write any of the music, it can't be licensed to you.

@JustAPunnyGuy, I don't know how to respond to that. Half this site thinks I'm a girl. The other half thinks I'm a guy. I'm okay with both tbh.

111robloxdude responds:

I Just have to ask why didnt you just tell me before hand i would have taken them down you know?


2017-04-06 17:14:22

@EDM364 Next time I'll use "they"


2017-04-06 19:50:07

Well, the rules clearly say not to submit stuff made in MMJ. That, basically. Plus, since MMJ copyrights all your stuff to them, technically we could get sued, so leaving it up longer than necessary wasn't really an option.

111robloxdude responds:

Dude i am a kid i dont really read everything dude srrysly if i didnt take it down then comes the ban


2017-04-07 13:56:27

Being a kid who doesn't read everything isn't an excuse dumbass


2017-04-07 14:58:33

You might wanna change that then! The whole world isn't going to stop for the willfully illiterate. You're not gonna get anywhere by not paying attention.